Buch: OmYogi and the Flying Carpet

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OmYogi and the Flying Carpet


A Flying Carpet is just … fantastomatic!

OmYogi received it from his Indian master. He decides to fly to the bazaar in Old Delhi with his friends. But on the way there they get into a dangerous situation and habe to risk using time travel to escape certain peril. Things go wrong and they crash land in the middle of a jungle. While the carpet desperately attempts to repair it self, a tiger has picked up their scent… OmYogi has learned a few things from his master, however. And luckily he can them to even the most difficult situations. 


The OmYogi books tell realistic- fantastic, fast-moving adventures, accented with a good portion of humor. This book will be enjoyed by the whole family! 


Binding: 4-colors glittering

Measured: A5

Age: 6-10

Illustrationen: b/w

Number of pages: 176

Release date: May 2020, 2nd edition

Language: English                                                                    

ISBN: 978-3-9822035-0-8                                                 

Publishing company: OmYogi Verlag

Author: Andrea Degner

Illustrator: J. Jesus Fernandez


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