The OmYogi® hand puppet is something very special: it has its own character, an endearing face and the velvety, supple material invites young and old to cuddle and love.

The OmYogi® hand puppet in 17,72 Inch offers a perfect combination of playability for small children's hands and adult hands. Due to its medium size, it is particularly easy to play on and is ideal for cuddling for small children. Whether funny facial expressions or expressive gestures, exciting stories or plays, the OmYogi® hand puppet comes to life in every hand.

The OmYogi® hand puppet becomes part of conversations, acts as a entertainer, is a diplomatic mediator in the family and conveys educational or knowledge-related content.

The player, whether child or adult, plays on the doll with one of his hands through the entrance at the head (folding mouth principle) and with the middle finger of this hand, he can also play on the tongue. This is how the doll comes to life. With his other hand, the player can play on the doll at the same time.

For some years now, OmYogi® has delighted educators, therapists, parents, the whole family and, most importantly: the children.

The OmYogi® hand puppet has been carefully checked and has the CE mark for toys. The doll is washable and made from high quality materials. 

The OmYogi® hand puppet is a real friend for life!


Doll size: 17,72 Inch

Age: Not suitable for children under 10 months

Security standard: EN 71 - Excellent workmanship and quality

Material: Polymere, Cotton, Cotton plush

To wash: 86 Farenheit; do not tumble dry

Shipping within Germany: € 9.80 (Purchase: 1 doll + 1 book eliminates shipping costs)

Shipping outside of Germany: variable according to shipping location